Glam Kitti


STORE UPDATE:  Since the majority of our clients are professional makeup artists, we are now only selling Glam Kitti in packs of 12. They are priced at a lower bulk rate - no need for pro member discounts. 

INCLUDES: 12 kits - each kit contains: A mirror, 12 blotting tissues, powder puff, lip brush, cosmetic applicator, spatula, instruction manual/dispenser.

DIMENSIONS: U.S. - 4” long x 2.5” wide x .5" deep | Metric - 10.1 cm long x 6.6 cm wide x 1.4 cm deep.

WEIGHT: U.S. - <1 ounce | Metric - 26 grams *weight includes the tool contents.

APPLICATIONS: Weddings, Proms, Red Carpet Events, Parties, Travel, Professional Makeovers, Performance Artists, Swag Bags, Gift Giving, Product Sampling Programs and Everyday Life.

MATERIALS: Paperboard (compact), BPA-Free PETE plastic (tray), PS plastic (spatula), 100% wood pulp (blotting tissues), 100% cotton (cosmetic applicator), Bamboo & Corn Resin (lip brush)

Please visit our  helpful "Tips" page for important usage information.