The Ultimate mini face kit for makeup touch ups is finally here because of one woman's desire to make staying glamorous more practical and sanitary. With more than 20 years experience working in the entertainment industry as a celebrity makeup artist, Glam Kitti creator Monifa Mortis, has been on countless glam squads.  

Whether it was the American Music Awards or a White House ceremony, Monifa often found herself needing to provide a makeup touch up-kit that would help her clients keep their look camera-ready whenever she was not able to stay nearby.

Makeup Artists and Makeup Enthusiasts both experience the same challenge - How to carry a few essential makeup products in a convenient yet stylish way to touch up throughout the day?

So after years of developing the concept from her personal need, Monifa designed Glam Kitti - a unique, practical, compact and stylish beauty accessory designed to carry 7 different cosmetic products in a tiny package.

      Why is this important?
This is an exciting moment in beauty history - finally, a cosmetic case designed specifically for the purpose of carrying only a sample-sized amount of makeup for quick and easy re-applications.

      Glam Kitti is the game changer that every makeup fan has been waiting for.  There has never been a product like this on the market until now. The now patented Glam Kitti is a beauty breakthrough - the absolute first and only one of it's kind.