1. THE TAB CLOSURE IS EXTREMELY TIGHT WHEN YOU FIRST OPEN A FRESH KIT. VERY GENTLY PRY IT OPEN OR YOU MIGHT TEAR IT. If it accidentally tears, just use a small piece of tape to fix it.

  2. Do not discard the instructions. There are two detachable panels that act as your funnel tool. Keep the panel from the instructions for future funnel use or if misplaced, use a small folded piece of paper instead.

  3. While you fill one section keep all other lids closed. This will keep the other sections of your kit protected from mishaps.

  4. The best order to fill your kit is: 1st. powders;  2nd. stick & compact creams; 3rd glosses; 4th. foundation or other liquids like moisturizer.

  5. When placing powders into the Powder Well, be sure to actually touch the spatula or funnel to the bottom of the well first, then release the product.  This will reduce accidental spillage outside of the well. Powders tend to spray dust everywhere.

  6. Place powders and pigments in the Powder Well only. It is not recommended to put powders in the Mini Wells.These wells are not leak-proof. Only the Powder Well is leak-proof.

  7. When you're ready to do a powder touch up, tap the top of the lid first before opening the lid to settle the contents and reduce dusty flare up.

  8. It is easier to work with the spatula if you follow the recommended layout and place creams and sticks in the front row.  Leave the back row for glosses & creamy liquids.  Be sure to press the product into the bottom of the well gently with the spatula.

  9. Avoid using thin, watery products in the mini wells.  The Glam Kitti is designed for thicker products like creamy liquids and glosses.

  10. Avoid overfilling the well.  A little product goes a long way. Remember, you only need enough for a touch up. We recommend, one pump of foundation or creamy concealer, 2 squirts of lip gloss and a smidgen of lipstick.

  11. Use regular cotton swabs to tidy any smudges around the edges of the kit after filling it and you can use it to completely clean out the well for a product change.

  12. For best results, first remove excess face oil and perspiration with the blotting tissues, then re-apply face powder afterwards with the powder puff. 

  13. No need to remove the entire blotting tissue package completely from the compact.  By opening the flap at the perforated seam, you can simply slide out one sheet at a time. 

  14. Special Tip:  While the tissues are inside the mirror frame, with your left thumb hold the frame at the opening and with your right thumb pull apart the wrapper at the perforated seam.  

  15. Scrape the puff against the ridges at the bottom of the large well to remove excess powder. This will leave just the right amount of product you need on the puff.

  16. You can use the reverse side of the puff to blend other products like cream blush and concealer.

  17. When storing your lip brush back inside the kit, keep the handle of the lip brush on the right side of the tray - this is the elevated side and helps for easier access.

  18. Use a Sharpe pen or white adhesive office labels to add a name to easily identify a Glam Kitti. We recommend you add the name on the spine or underneath the Glam Kitti.

  19. You can choose to identify by user name ("Lisa", "Mother of the Bride"), palette theme ("Dewy Look", "Nudes"), or by occasion type ("Office Look", "Beach Face").

  20. You can wash, dry and reuse the powder puff and the lip brush.

  21. BONUS TIP FOR END USER: Save time! Keep multiple kits filled with different colors and ready to go.

  22. BONUS TIP FOR MAKEUP ARTISTS: Have a kit unwrapped and ready to fill before you start the makeup application. You may be left with very little time left to prepare it for the client.