Covid-19 Update

We are still fulfilling orders on time as promised. However, shipping times with package carriers are not in our control and we recommend you expect delivery delays from time to time during the pandemic. 

Glam Kitti was designed to provide a sanitary way of sampling and transporting makeup. In these days of Corona virus, Glam Kitti is now more than ever a useful tool to keep your makeup kit sanitary. Avoiding cross-contamination that comes from touch-up double-dipping, as well as reducing the risk for the end-user getting contaminated makeup applied to their face, are very important reasons to consider implementing our product into your beauty service. That, along with the implementation of standard beauty sanitation protocols and the covid-19 protocols of washing hands, wearing disposable gloves, face masks, protective eye wear and social distancing whenever possible are integral to keeping your Glam Kitties sanitary and you and your clients safe.

Our kits are individually cellophane wrapped so every time you open a kit you can feel assured that you are the only hands that have touched it since it was manufactured some years ago. Our current inventory was manufactured almost 4 years ago and like most products on the market today, we worked with several countries to assemble Glam Kitti which includes China, S. Korea and United States. Our current inventory is securely housed in the United States in a Covid-free storage facility that is only accessed by two individuals who are Covid-negative and never been infected.

We don't know what the future holds when we run out of our current inventory; it all depends on our sourcing and manufacturing partners operational response to the pandemic. We will be monitoring this issue very carefully and when that time comes, we will make decisions based on current science and the protocols set forth by the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization.

If you have any more questions regarding safety and sanitation protocols, please feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Us link in the footer of this website.

Stay Smart, Stay Safe, Be Well,

Glam Kitti Creator and CEO