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Glam Kitti


Product Description

Glam Kitti is a breakthrough beauty kit that allows you to keep a sample sized amount of makeup handy for touch ups.  Unlike pre-filled makeup palettes, the portable and reusable Glam Kitti allows you to customize what you want to carry with you from day to day and event to event.

You can take this stylish case anywhere with you thanks to its ultra-slim size and lightweight body.  Glam Kitti can fit inside evening bags, small clutches and even in your back-pocket!




INCLUDES:  Mirror, 12 Blotting Tissues, Powder Puff, Lip Brush, Cosmetic Applicator, Spatula, Instruction Manual.


APPLICATIONS:  Weddings, Proms, Red Carpet Events, Parties, Travel, Professional Makeovers, Performance Artists, Swag Bags, Gift Giving, Product Sampling Programs and Everyday Life.


MATERIALS: Paperboard (compact), BPA Free PETE plastic (tray), PS plastic (spatula), 100% wood pulp (blotting tissues), 100% cotton (cosmetic applicator), Bamboo & Corn Resin (lip brush).


DIMENSIONS:  U.S. -  4” long x 2.5” wide x .5" deep  |  Metric - 10.1 cm long  x 6.6 cm wide x 1.4 cm deep


WEIGHT:  U.S. - <1 ounce  |  Metric - 26 grams

*weight includes the tool contents.




Product Videos

Glam Kitti Commercial - Full Version 02:49

The ultimate mini face kit for makeup touch ups is here! Carry a sample sized amount of makeup for quick and easy reapplication. See more at

  • Glam Kitti Com...
    The ultimate mini face kit for makeup touch ups is here! Carry...

Product Reviews

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  1. A MUST HAVE in your kit

    Posted by on May 30th 2019

    I've carried Glam Kitti in my makeup kit for over 3 yrs now. I continue to restock because they are so cute, convenient and my brides truly appreciate the compact-ness of them. I purchase the max amount every time because I never want to run out! Thank you Glam Kitti for making such a great product!

  2. My clients love it!

    Posted by on Jun 14th 2018

    Perfect for special event makeup styling or bridal makeup. I always surprise my clients at the end and they LOVE it!!

  3. Amazing

    Posted by on Nov 6th 2017

    I will be buying more! My clients LOVE them!

  4. Lovely kit

    Posted by on Aug 5th 2017

    I haven't had a chance to use this yet but these are so cute. I can't wait to use them on my brides next month. Great idea.

  5. Smart and Classy

    Posted by on Jul 30th 2017

    A friend told me about this product and I am so glad that I checked it out. It is so nice to have everything I need in one place and it is sanitary too! Great product!

  6. The Best Bridal Kit

    Posted by on Sep 14th 2015

    As a Bridal Makeup Artist, I consider the GLAM KITTI the holy grail for my clients. It is the go-to item for my brides, which I quickly fill up and present just before I leave the site. The process of putting together a touch up kit just became simplified. I no longer have to purchase my containers, lip brushes, blotting sheets and mirrors separately. The GLAM KITTI is the all in one that has made a difference in my bridal business offering me the competitive edge over other Makeup Artists. My brides love the surprise gift every time!


    Posted by on Sep 7th 2015

    I REALLY love the Glam Kitti it is GENIUS!!! I've used it in two ways 1) for my personal life and 2) as a service for my makeup clients. I must say I will not leave this at home it is permanently with me because it allows me to quickly and conveniently touch up my face without carrying around a bag full of makeup which I've always found so cumbersome! Its either slipped into my pocket or purse and I whip it out when I need to check my look after eating or being in the heat for too long! as a gal with oily skin and tightly packed teeth the glam kitti has saved my life (face) LOL. Now as a makeup professional, this product has upped my game, my clients are so thrilled that they can have a sample of the products I used on them in such a cute package with a mirror and tools for application, it has eased their mind knowing that they can maintain their look so easily without having me stuck by their side for half the day. It has been ideal for making my clients feel confident and special, they know I care and want them to look good at every moment even hours and hours after my application. Glam Kitti is a MUST HAVE especially for a big events such a weddings, carnival parades and premieres/launches where the camera catches your every move!


    Posted by on Aug 12th 2015

    When I initially heard of the Glam Kitti I was so excited to get it in my hands and give it to my clients. Well, well, well, it totally passed my expectations!! Honey, when I got them in the mail they were so cute. I was so impressed with the packaging, the tiny small details that were so well thought out. I also loved that it came with instructions. When I introduced them to my clients they were over the moon in love with them!!!!!! I'm so grateful for the minds of folks that think out of the box like the Glam Kitti's designer and creator. I hope to see this product in Sephora, Ulta, Target, Walmart etc!!!! I cant wait for your next amazing product!

  9. Bridesmaids @ War for Glam Kitti

    Posted by on Aug 11th 2015

    I teamed up with a Glam Squad for a wedding in Long Island, NY. I was hired to do only two bridesmaids faces which of course I beat to the MAX. I filled the Glam Kitti with all the foundation, powder and lipstick I used and I handed each of my bridesmaids a kit. As I started packing and cleaning up to leave, all of a sudden I heard the other bridesmaids and the bride arguing with my bridesmaids. Then they said where do you get this (Glam Kitti) and they pointed to me. The Kitti-less girls all asked if they could have one as well. I replied, I was sorry but I ran out of Glam Kitties and I use them only for my private and celebrity clients and don't carry extras. They were so pissed and jealous. Of course the other Makeup Artist gave me an evil look as well LOL. I told them for the next time hire me or get your own at

  10. Thank Goodness For Glam Kitti!!

    Posted by on Jul 28th 2015

    I had the opportunity to use Glam Kitti while on vacation, and I can't say enough about how convenient, (and cute!!) it is! I usually walk around with a huge cosmetics bag, so it was great to be able to carry a clutch like a normal person instead of a humongous bag mostly filled with makeup--you makeup junkies know what I'm talking about :-)