Glam Kitti FAQ

How To Use

Does the Glam Kitti come already filled with makeup?

No. The amazing thing about Glam Kitti is that you decide what goes inside! Unlike pre-filled makeup palettes, you fill the Glam Kitti with the makeup that you or your makeup artist actually use.

How do you get the makeup into the Glam Kitti?

It’s easy to scrape, scoop and squeeze makeup directly into the kit. We provide two tools in every kit to help you with the transfer: The spatula and the paper funnel.

The spatula tool is designed especially for scraping sticks, creams and powders. The paper funnel is especially helpful for scraping pressed powders, bronzers and blush.

For liquid and gloss makeup, most cosmetic packaging offers a squeeze or pump dispenser that allows for you to easily pour directly into the kit.

Do you have to throw away the kit after the first use?

No, you can refill and use it numerous times.

How many times can you use the kit?

You can refill and reuse the kit as many times as you like until you feel like it has worn down to the point that you need a fresh one. You may use gentle soap and water to clean the puff and lip brush to keep them fresh.

What do I do when I want to change the products out of my Glam Kitti for other options?

We recommend you clean out the well by wiping out the tray with a regular cotton swab first before using a new product or changing the color. Do not use makeup remover or harsh solvents on the tray.

It is also recommended that you keep extra kits so you do not have to constantly clean out one kit every time you want to switch to a new color or product. Please visit our Tips & Tricks section in our Blog for more ideas.

What are the dimensions and weight of Glam Kitti?

DIMENSIONS: U.S.: 4" long x 2.5" wide x .5" deep | Metric: 10.1 cm long x 6.4 cm wide x 1.3 cm deep

WEIGHT: U.S.: less than 1 ounce | Metric: 26 grams

*weight includes the tool contents

Orders & Returns

Is Glam Kitti available for purchase in stores?

Yes, Glam Kitti is available for purchase at retail stores. We list all of our retail locations on the store locator page of our website. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to get the new updates of our new retail partners added to our store locator as soon as they are available.

What is your return policy?

You may return your unwrapped, undamaged Glam Kitti purchased from our website within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. Shipping costs and return shipping costs are not refundable. To maintain sanitation protocols, we cannot accept an unwrapped/opened/used Glam Kitti for return.

If you receive a defective or damaged Glam Kitti upon arrival, we will exchange it for a new product at no cost to you. You must report this sort of damage to us immediately upon notice by emailing or calling our customer service department within 10 days of delivery.

Materials & Disposal

Is the Glam Kitti environmentally friendly?

70% of the components of the Glam Kitti are eco-friendly. There is a full description breaking down these materials on this website's Shop Page in the product description. We strive to use as many eco-friendly options as possible and will continue to source the very best materials to improve the sustainability of the product.

We understand that these alternative choices may slightly diminish product or tool performance but we believe that it is a worthy compromise in order to care for the environment.

Is there a correct way to dispose of the Glam Kitti when I am finished?

Yes, we encourage our users to be conscious of how they dispose of their kits. Please follow our tips for recycling and proper disposal at the bottom of our User Guide page on this website.

Is the Glam Kitti BPA Free?

Yes it is! There is no BPA material used in the Glam Kitti.

Is there any powder or other additives on the blotting tissues?

We do not add any powders, talcs, silicone, fragrance, extracts, petrochemicals, plastics etc. in our blotting tissues. Our tissue is only 100% wood pulp. Additives may have an adverse affect on one's skin and compromise the makeup's overall appearance. Since everyone's skin needs are so different we think it best to keep it simple and effective. Our tissues are designed to do only one thing--absorb excess oil and it does this job extremely well.


Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we offer international Parcel Post & Fedex shipping to Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Please subscribe to our newsletter so you can receive updates as we add more countries.

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