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The Ultra Slim, lightweight compact makes it easy to carry everything you need for makeup touch ups in a case smaller than the iPhone.
Glam Kitti not only includes tools to touch up your makeup, it also provides tools to clean up makeup mishaps.
Glam Kitti is the game-changer that every makeup lover has been waiting for. Leave your cosmetic bags at home and take only what you need for the day.
Glam Kitti is comprised of 70% recyclable and biodegradable materials. We offer instructions on proper disposal at the end of the User's Guide.
A lightbulb moment in beauty--Glam Kitti is the first of it's kind. Our patent-pending design is both user-friendly and stylish. Fabulous!
Glam Kitti is perfect for travel! Take up to 7 different cosmetic products with you in a TSA compliant case.

Monifa - \ mo - né - fä \ mo nee fah: [African, from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria and Southwest Africa; Egypt] Meaning: I am lucky; Good fortune.

Glam Kitti® is the creation of New York City based Celebrity Makeup Artist, Monifa Mortis who has been working in the fashion and entertainment industry for over 15 years. In that time, Monifa has become one of the industry's leading professionals with her clean, sexy, modern approach to makeup. With an acute eye for detail and an impeccable painter's hand, Monifa has created looks for some of today's biggest names.

Since her teens, Monifa has been captivated by the magic of makeup and it's ability to transform. Nevertheless, her constant goal is to embrace the natural beauty of her clientele; it is this philosophy that has yielded Monifa a star-studded clientele and has kept her in demand.

Monifa is also a beauty expert and educator whose work has been published in Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Essence, InStyle and O magazine. She is also a graduate of fashion colleges, The Laboratory Institute of Merchandising of New York and The Paris Fashion Institute.

Monifa Mortis is CEO of Glam Kitti's parent company, Prizm Beauty, Inc.. Founded in 2004, Prizm Beauty is a 2013 Urban Rebound Entrepreneur Conference Competition Winner & Grand Prize Awardee. Most recently, Monifa was honored with the awarding of the Certificate of Expertise by Essence Magazine for her contributions to their annual, "Best in Beauty Awards" issue of 2015.

Monifa is a native New Yorker and currently resides there with her loving Husband, Collin and 14 year old Maltese.

The Ultimate mini face kit for makeup touch ups is finally here, because of one woman's desire to make staying glamorous more practical. With more than 15 years experience working with luminaries in the entertainment industry, Glam Kitti Creator, Monifa Mortis has been apart of countless glam squads.

Whether it was the American Music Awards or a White House ceremony, Monifa often found herself needing to provide a makeup touch up-kit that would help her clients keep their look camera-ready when she had to leave their side.

Makeup Artists and Makeup Enthusiasts both experience the same challenge--how to carry essential makeup products in a convenient yet stylish way.

So after two years of development, Monifa invented the Glam Kitti--a unique, practical, compact and stylish beauty accessory designed to carry 7 different cosmetic items.

Why Is This Important?

This is an exciting moment in beauty history; finally, a cosmetic case designed specifically for the purpose of carrying only a sample-sized amount of makeup. This is not only perfect for quick and easy reapplication but it's also the newest way for beauty lines to provide cosmetic samples to their clients.

Glam Kitti is the game changer that every makeup fan has been waiting for. There has never been a product like this on the market until now. The patent-pending Glam Kitti is a beauty breakthrough, the absolute first of it's kind.